All Eleven Oregon Republican Senators Stand Strong

June 21, 2019

To all Oregonians concerned about the staggering costs involved should HB 2020 pass:  Show your support for your state senators and contact them ASAP.  Contact information for each of the eleven Republican state senators follow….

Senator Baertschiger, District 2   Capitol phone:  503-986-1702 Email:

Senator Cliff Bentz, District 30  Capitol phone: 503-986- 1730  Email:

Senator Brian Boquist, District 12  Capitol phone: 503-986-1712  Email:

Senator Fred Girod, District 9  Capitol phone:  503-986-1709

Senator Bill Hansell   District: 29     Capitol Phone: 503-986-1729

Senator Dallas Heard    District: 1    Capitol Phone: 503-986-1701

Senator Tim Knopp   District: 27    Capitol Phone: 503-986-1727

Senator Dennis Linthicum   District: 28     Capitol Phone: 503-986-1728

Senator Alan Olsen   District: 20    Capitol Phone: 503-986-1720

Senator Kim Thatcher
District: 13    Capitol Phone: 503-986-1713

Senator Chuck Thomsen
District: 26    Capitol Phone: 503-986-1726

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