Christopher Grant, El Paso Shooting Survivor, Shows America What A True Man Looks Like

August 7, 2019   By Christopher Meades, Townhall

Right now, Americans across the country are looking at the extreme evil that emanated out of the El Paso shooter, which led to the death of at least 22 innocent civilians, and wondering how we as a nation can move on and improve from the tragedy. “How could somebody be so evil?,” many question. But from this shooting comes the opportunity for America to look at what a true man looks like in the example set forth by Christopher Grant.

Grant is an El Paso survivor who distracted the Walmart shooter and risked his own life in an attempt to save others. In the following CNN interview, Grant displayed humility, love, sacrifice, and exemplified what it means to be a real man as well as why fathers are so important in society.   More…


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