Air Canada to stop announcing ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in recognition of gender fluidity

And from our neighbors to the north, more insanity in the gender bender world…

October 13, 2019    By Carlin Becker, Washington Examiner

Employees aboard Air Canada flights will no longer greet guests by referring to them as “ladies and gentlemen” or “mesdames et messieurs,” which has been typical protocol for years, in an effort to be conscious of gender fluidity.

Flight attendants and other staff will not use the language in boarding announcements, and the company instead plans to replace the standard greetings with neutral words, such as “everybody” or “tout le monde.”   More…

Commenters shared:

I won’t ever be on an Air Canada flight to hear whatever they want to call me.

If the policy is because there are very few “ladies and gentlemen” then I could understand it.

Changing the way you speak so as not to upset someone’s mentally ill delusion is a bad idea.

Should be interesting when French Canadians have to eliminate all the male and female gender references in their language.

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