Walter Williams, rest in peace and keep suffering no fools

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December 02, 2020 By Jimmy Sengenberger, The Washington Examiner 

When I first listened to Rush Limbaugh as a 12-year-old child in my grandpa’s car, I had no idea that I would launch a talk show-hosting career myself, or what I would learn from Limbaugh’s show and from whom I would learn it. Enter Walter E. Williams, noted free market economist, fervent individual liberty advocate, syndicated columnist, prolific author, and John M. Olin Distinguished professor of Economics at George Mason University.

For many years, Williams suffered no fools as he regaled Limbaugh listeners on the fundamentals of free markets and the virtues of limited government. As a frequent Friday guest host, he always centered his shows on these tenets and applied them to real-world happenings.

Editor’s note: I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Williams, a guest speaker, at a CPAC conference in ’94 if I recall correctly. The famed economist was witty, personable and a delight to listen to as he packed his presentation on economics (of course) in layman terms that an attentive audience could latch onto.


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