Trump Issues Clarion Call for Election Integrity

March 3, 2021 By John and Andy Schlafly, TownhallTrump Issues Clarion Call for Election Integrity

After 40 days offstage, Donald Trump returned to the national spotlight on Sunday, and not a moment too soon. His rip-roaring, 90-minute address to CPAC covered many familiar themes, building to a new conclusion that “one of the most urgent issues facing the Republican party is that of ensuring fair, honest, and secure elections.”

Trump’s clarion call could not be more timely, as Nancy Pelosi’s Congress is set to pass a bill that would enshrine Democrat ballot stuffing into federal law forever. Among its many bad ideas, H.R. 1 would require automatic and same-day voter registration, prohibit voter ID, forbid signature matching, and require every state to accept mail-in ballots arriving 10 days late. More…

The Biden Administration Is Releasing COVID Positive Illegal Aliens into the United States

Mar 03, 2021 By Katie Pavlich, Townhall

The Biden Administration has been releasing illegal aliens who tested positive into the United States. After receiving positive tests, many of them traveled on buses to American communities around the country. From Fox News

More than 100 illegal immigrants released by the Border Patrol into Texas since late January have tested positive for the coronavirus following their arrival, officials in a city on the U.S.-Mexico border tell Fox News.  More…

From the Rush Limbaugh show…

Kathryn Will Be Here Tuesday to Share How the Family Said Goodbye to Rush

Mar 1, 2021

BRETT: Now, something very special is going to happen tomorrow. Kathryn’s going to join us tomorrow to share details about the private family gathering remembering Rush, as he was laid to rest in St. Louis this past Wednesday. She’s also gonna be taking calls from you. It’s gonna be a very special broadcast. Todd Herman’s gonna be in.

You’re not going to want to miss that, not a moment of it. Now, throughout the four days at CPAC Rush was mentioned often. I overheard dozens and dozens of conversations involving high-ranking officials and politicians and pundits and ordinary, average folks who were there as a part of CPAC. More…

Georgia House passes GOP bill rolling back voting access

Great news from Georgia…


March 1, 2021 The Associated Press

Republican lawmakers in Georgia have muscled legislation through the state House that would roll back voting access.

It was passed over the objection of Democrats and civil rights groups gathered at the Capitol to protest. The bill comes after record turnout led to Democratic wins in Georgia’s presidential election and two U.S. Senate runoffs. More…

BREAKING: THE FRAUD WILL STAND – Supreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell’s Election Fraud Cases without Comment

Without comment!!!

March 1, 2021 By Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit
Last Monday the United States Supreme Court refused to review the Pennsylvania 2020 Election cases.The court made the announcement on Monday morning. Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas dissented from the denial.

On Monday, following their inaction last week, the US Supreme Court rejected without comment or explanation, lingering 2020 election challenges by Attorney Sidney Powell in Arizona and Wisconsin. More…

President Trump: Capitol Officials Controlled by Pelosi Rejected My Recommendation of 10,000 National Guard for January 6 Because of Optics

Published February 28, 2021 By Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit
President Trump spoke about the January 6 riot at the Capitol during a phone interview with Steve Hilton on the Fox News Channel program the Next Revolution that aired Sunday night, saying he “hated to see it.”

Trump denied reports he was watching the riot on TV and liked what he was seeing, saying, “Well, that’s incorrect reporting. First of all I wasn’t watching TV. I turned it on later on when I heard about it and did a lot of moves. You know, we said to the Department of Defense, the top person, days before we had the rally, cuz that rally was massive…(Trump comments on large rally crowd)…and I said that I think you should have ten thousand, I think I gave the number, I definitely gave the number of ten thousand National Guardsmen, I think you have ten thousand of the National Guard ready. They took that number, from what I understand they gave it to the people at the Capitol which is controlled by Pelosi and I heard they rejected it because they didn’t think it looked good. So, you know, that was a big mistake.” More…