Anger Grows Among Fans Of FOX News Over Network’s Coverage Of 2020 Election

See ya later Faux News!

November 8, 2020 By Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit

Good reason to look so glum!

One of the things that has been amazing to watch in this election cycle, is the presentation on FOX News and the way people are reacting to it.

People who consider themselves fans of the network are not happy with the direction it’s headed it, and are making themselves heard on social media. More…

Mathematical impossibilities may be what trips up Democrat plans

November 8, 2020 By Andrea Widburg, The American Thinker

All over the country, Trump’s lawyers are gathering evidence showing that Democrats deliberately interfered with the election outcome. These facts are needed, but one can make a good case that the most powerful evidence of all is mathematical data showing that this election outcome could not possibly have happened. One would think that the Democrats – who “believe in Science” – would be all over this stuff.

The first anomaly is Joe Biden’s missing coattails and Trump’s missing coat.

Trump’s 70 million voters are people who have a specific vision of America. They see it as a nation with a constitutionally limited government, a color-blind melting pot of people all holding fealty to America, and a place for an honestly run free market. They want low taxes, no unnecessary foreign wars, a secure border, energy independence, and high support for Israel combined with low support for the U.N., to name a few things. More…

Voting Against Evil

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November 1, 2020 By Alician Colon, American Spectator

If ever you sought proof that evil and its master were running rampant in our country since a pandemic that originated in atheistic China hit us, one look at the lockdown in Catholic churches would confirm it.  I’m not sure if the lockdown guidelines are the same for all dioceses but in mine, the holy water fonts are covered over and lighting faux candles is verboten. Whether or not one believes in the mythic power of holy water against vampires and various demons, most Catholics actually use the blessed water to ward off illness and bad luck rather than monsters. I seriously doubt that there is concrete evidence that holy water has been instrumental in spreading the covid virus, so who decided to ban it?  Was it the city, state or measly church officials who decided to take away one of our spiritual supports? We’ll never know, but this 2020 is less about political parties than it is about good vs. evil. More…

Trump greets throngs of fans outside Minnesota rally after state allows just 250 seats

Nuthin’ gonna stop the Trump Train!!!

Published October 30, 2020 By Steven Nelson, New York Post

President Trump speaks with the press ahead of a campaign rally at Rochester International Airport in Rochester, Minnesota.

President Trump speaks with the press ahead of a campaign rally at Rochester International Airport in Rochester, Minnesota

President Trump greeted hundreds of supporters gathered outside a Minnesota rally venue Friday night after Democratic state officials limited attendance to just 250 socially distanced seats. More…

Forget the Polls — Trump Is Still Winning; Republican voters are praying for another miracle upset.

Winning, winning, winning!!

Published October 30, 2020 By Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Twelve years ago, when the Republican Party nominated John McCain as its presidential candidate, he got less than 46 percent of the popular vote and only 173 Electoral College votes. Whatever happens on Election Day this year, almost no one expects President Trump to do worse than that.

According to Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight poll-based prediction, we enter the final weekend before Election Day with an 89 percent likelihood that Joe Biden will win. Basically, the odds are 8-to-1 against Trump’s reelection. Yet the president’s supporters are undaunted, recalling that Silver’s final 2016 forecast gave Hillary Clinton a 71 percent chance of being elected and yet Trump beat her in a result that broke the Democrats’ so-called “blue wall” in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Miracles can happen in politics, and Republican voters are praying for another divine intervention next week. Bombarded by a barrage of discouraging news coverage — even Fox News seems to be part of the “Landslide Joe” propaganda team now — the conservative faithful quite desperately seek omens that may portend more hopeful tidings. More…

EXCLUSIVE: Prayers for Trump’s Re-election at Tomb of Patriarchs Ahead of Elections

Prayers for the success of President Donald Trump’s reelection will take place on Monday morning at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in the city of Hebron, attended by local leaders.


November 1, 2020 By Deborah Danan, Breitbart News

The head of Republicans in Israel, Marc Zell, pointed to the significance of the Jewish holy site, which is the burial site of the biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca and Leah. (Rachel is buried at a separate holy site.) More…

It’s Come to This…MAGA-Supporting Nuns Are Being Doxxed By Liberals

Lunatic liberals lashing out at anyone who doesn’t fit into their world view.

Posted: Oct 31, 2020 By Matt Vespa, TownhallIt's Come to This...MAGA-Supporting Nuns Are Being Doxxed By Liberals

It happened a few days ago, but it’s still disgusting. Apparently, nuns were subjected to being doxxed by the unhinged leftists on Twitter. What sin did they commit that would warrant such a response? They support President Trump. Oh yes, break out the tar and feathers, right? This is just anathema to the Left. First, they’re nuns. Liberals hate religion. And yes, we have not forgotten when these clowns booed God during the Democratic National Convention. Second, they support Trump. It’s two things liberal America hates, one more than the other. The reaction was an ‘as expected,’ but still ghoulish. These nuns stood behind Trump as he held a rally in Circleville, Ohio on October 24, and now they’ve issued a statement in response to their moment of fame, albeit one they didn’t ask for (via Daily Wire):

“There are indeed many issues concerning the quality of life that need to be addressed. However, the preeminent issue is the intrinsic evil of taking innocent human life through abortion,” the Children of Mary said in a statement to The Washington Examiner. “We, as faithful Catholics, consider it our duty, a joyful duty, to support a president, irregardless [sic] of party affiliation, who upholds the Gospel of Life.” More…